Solskjaer Will Prove His Worth Next Season

Romelu Lukaku has recently stated that supporters will see a brand-new vision for Manchester United during the 2019/20 season thanks to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He also said that he might not be part of the newly formed side once the new season gets underway.

Solskjaer managed to make a flying start after he replaced Jose Mourinho as the manager of Manchester United, claiming victory in the first 14 of 17 matches. However, things have certainly slowed down since then as the team has only managed to win 2 out of 10 games as they reach the end of their campaign.

This has left Solskjaer’s squad on the brink of missing out on the top 4 positions when it comes to the Premier League. However, Lukaku stated that things would be entirely different once the team undergoes the summer transfer window and preseason training with a new manager before the next season gets underway.

A New and Improved Manchester United

Lukaku stated that Manchester United would be much better in the next season after the team’s draw against Chelsea on Sunday. This makes perfect sense as no football team enjoys a change in the middle of a season with a brand-new manager. Several sources have stated that Solskjaer will overall his squad during the summer with concerns surrounding multiple senior players and their current roles in the team.

For instance, Lukaku, who managed to score 15 goals during the 2018/19 season, has been linked with a transfer away from Manchester United. When questioned about his transfer to Serie A, he left the door open for speculation. The same can be said about David De Gea and whether or not the world’s best goalkeeper will stay at Old Trafford.

De Gea made a huge mistake during their clash against Chelsea over the weekend which marks his fifth mistake for the season. However, Lukaku has stood by his teammate recently, allowing him to rediscover the form that has assisted him to win the Player of the Year award for a total of 4 times within the last five seasons.

The Future of David De Gea

Lukaku has recently stated that De Gea is an extremely positive person and has been regarded as one of the best players for Manchester United for close to a decade consistently. Lukaku doesn’t believe that anyone can discredit De Gea for suddenly delivering a poor performance of late.

He has managed to save Manchester United from several disasters during the 2018/18 season. Poor performances occur with strikers, with midfielders, and with goalkeepers from time to time. David De Gea continues to learn from his mistakes and continues to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world, regardless of his recent mistakes. He was a kid when he started with Manchester United and managed to grow as a player and person since he joined. It’s now up to the team to trust in his abilities and skills going forward.