The Best and Worst Signings in the Premier League

As we approach the start of the new year transfer window, it’s the perfect time to look back at the Premier League campaign. The tournament reached its halfway mark after 19 games and the race between Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur is gearing up to be one of the most entertaining campaigns since the title was claimed in 2016 by Leicester. With that in mind, we thought we would take an in-depth look at the best and worst signings within the first-half of the Premier League.

Best Signings of the Summer

Let’s start things off with the best signings in the last transfer window. To evaluate this correctly, you need to consider both return and price tag. Alisson has been exceptional at Liverpool, but with a £56 million price tag, anything less would be regarded as a burden. We are essentially looking for players who are considered much more at the moment than their price tag during the summer.

  • David Brooks – £12 million from Sheffield United to Bournemouth

The 21-year-old football star has proven to be a remarkable bargain since he made his appearance in the Premier League. He quickly managed to establish himself as a vital figure in the league, racking up 5 goals in 16 appearances while playing for Bournemouth.

  • Lucas Digne – £20 million from Barcelona to Everton

Since Digne arrived at Everton, he has managed to push Leighton Baines, a club legend, out of the first team. There isn’t a left-back in England that played over 500 minutes this fall with a higher percentage when it comes to completed passes and tackles.

Worst Signings of the Summer

It might be considered too early to evaluate if these players will succeed in the Premier League when it comes to long term play, but it’s worth mentioning that these players are not producing the return when you compare it to their price tags.

  • Fabri – £5 million from Besiktas to Fulham

No one on the defending side within Fulham will be producing their return during the first half of the Premier League. However, Fabri’s move to Fulham is definitely odd. Within two matches, Fabri allowed a total of 5 goals and is already mentioning that he wants to return to Besiktas. You can obviously tell that Fulham feels exactly the same way.

  • Matej Vydra – £11 million from Derby to Burnley

The former Watford player has been unpredictable at Championship level, scoring 16 goals while playing for the Hornets during the 2014/15 season and a further 21 goals while playing for Derby last season. However, apart from these two stints, he only managed to score 8 goals in a total of 4,000 minutes spanning across two seasons while playing for the second tier. Burnley is renowned for plucking strikes. However, Vydra hasn’t produced the goods for his brand-new club even though he played 365 minutes since he arrived.