The Story Behind the British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix included pretty much everything you would expect from a Formula 1 event, even though a safety car was deployed halfway through the race to neutralise most of the drama on the track. Unfortunately, the fight for pole position was ruined by the safety car, but then again, would the outcome have been any different if Antonio Giovinazzi’s car didn’t go onto the gravel during lap 20?

The Ultimate Battle at Silverstone

The home supporters got what they wanted at Silverstone. However, they did miss out on one of the best racing battles of the year between Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. After the two racers were wheel-to-wheel during the first four laps, Bottas managed to come out of the top. However, the safety car provided Hamilton with a free pit stop that eliminated Bottas’ chance to claim glory at pole position.

If this was a straight fight at the end, many believe that Lewis Hamilton still would have claimed victory in the British Grand Prix. He was undoubtedly the fastest driver between the two during the race and had a much better strategy by staying out much longer than his teammate. This strategy ultimately turned into a jackpot moment once the safety car was deployed during the race. However, if the race continued without any incidents that had to bring out the safety car, Hamilton had to make a few exceptional moves on the track as opposed to leading the race with an unexpected gift that allowed him to take pole position.

Regardless of the maybes, buts, and ifs, Bottas will feel this defeat. His decision to fit medium tyres during his first pit stop forces him to take a two-stop strategy. However, it’s still unclear why he didn’t go for a pit stop to fit hard tyres when the safety car was out as this would have given him a fighting chance for pole position over the weekend.

Verstappen vs Leclerc

A sequel is rarely as good as the original, but this certainly was, and fans only had to wait a total of 14 days to witness it. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc had a phenomenal battle on Sunday that had a lasting memory for both the racers and the fans that were watching.

Following their incredible battle for the lead during the Australian Grand Prix 14 days ago, it was difficult not to imagine that the struggle wouldn’t end up in a collision once again. However, both drivers kept it extremely clean without giving an inch of space to each other. Following a thrilling few duels over several heart-stopping laps, Verstappen got the best of Leclerc when the Ferrari was forced to go wide, allowing Verstappen to take the inside lane during the final corner. Leclerc stated after the race that is was the most fun he has had in Formula 1 and is looking forward to another challenge in the 2019 season. Let’s hope we get to see more of this going forward!