Tiger Woods’ 2019 Schedule

The idea of travelling around the world as a professional golfer might not be very appealing at the moment for Tiger Woods or the period of recovery and rest from an extremely long season of golf is not complete. Perhaps he’s not the biggest fan of the world-renowned Sheshan International golf course either.

There are tons of reasons why Tiger Woods is deciding to skip the WGC-HSBC Champions this week in Shanghai. However, the point is, Tiger Woods has the option to play in the event. The 2018 season for Tiger Woods has been incredibly successful. He claimed victory in the Tour Championship, managed to finish second in the famous FedEx Cup, and contended in a total of two major championships, currently ranking 13th overall in the world.

He now has the ability to choose his golfing schedule which includes the World Golf events. Something he didn’t have a year ago. It’s certainly a great problem to have, one that Tiger Woods will undoubtably be tacking when it comes to his 2018 golf schedule.

Woods 2019 Schedule

While speaking about his upcoming schedule, Woods stated, “I’m still trying to figure things out,” Tiger Woods stated at Pebble Beach last week, when asked about it during a clinic he was donating for on behalf of his TGR foundation. “While I was flying, I quickly glanced at my schedule for 2019, which is the first time I actually looked at it, to be honest. I’ve been extremely focused on both the Ruder Cup and playoffs that I completely forgot about what’s in store for 2019, and once I saw it, I quickly realised that it’s going to be an extremely busy year.”

Possible Predictions for Tiger Woods in 2019

Before you make a few educated guesses on where Tiger Woods will play, we included a few obvious golf tournaments where he will definitely feature. There’s no denying that the major championship will be his primary focus. Three of the gold venues, including Pebble Beach (U.S Open), Bethpage (PGA), and Augusta National (Masters), are all golf courses where Tiger Woods has claimed major wins. Tiger will undoubtably place loads of emphasis on these events and create his schedule around them to prepare.

Tiger Woods will certainly play less in 2019. The 18 worldwide events he participated in this year is considered the most he played in years, which excludes 19 events in 2013 and a total of 22 events in 2012. When you go back as far as 2006, you’ll realise that Tiger Woods played 18 events a total of four times prior to this year. It’s quite surprising that he played so much in 2018, to be honest. You can expect him to drop to around 16 events in 2019.

You can forget about 3 in a row. Tiger Woods managed to do this during the playoffs for the FedEx Cup, allowing him to be rather sluggish at the Dell Technologies and Northern Trust before a tie for 6th place at the BMW Championship. Woods will only participate in three playoff event during 2019.