Two Manchester City Players Test Positive for Covid-19

International football has experienced outbreaks of coronavirus year-round, with players being announced by some teams & others keeping their medical results private. Manchester United has avoided announcing which players contracted the coronavirus, Manchester City hasn’t followed a similar path. Every footballer that sustained positive Covid-19 results were confirmed by Manchester City, including the two most recent of Kyle Walker & Gabriel Jesus. Announcements were made that the upcoming match against Everton has been postponed avoiding further outbreaks. Manchester City last competed against Newcastle FC, winning that match by two points.

Hours before Everton FC & Manchester City were expected to compete, the announcement was issued that coronavirus testing revealed two infections & that appropriate measures are being enforced to avoid unexpected cases. The game is being postponed officially but likely won’t be rescheduled, similar to other matches that’ve been shutdown because of confirmed coronavirus infections. If Manchester City wasn’t sustaining a prominent lead, this postponement would be detrimental for the club.

An official statement issued by Manchester City clarified their bubble had been compromised & that exposure to coronavirus has increased. Personnel & squad members are at-risk of infection, with strong medical evidence prompting consultation from other clubs. After negotiations between these clubs, Manchester City determined that postponing this fixture is best suited for everyone’s safety. Details regarding which variant of Covid-19 these players are infected with wasn’t detailed. It’s likely that Covid Strain VUI-2020/21 has reached outbreak levels in the Premier League, similarly to the United Kingdom.

VUI 2020/21

After this announcement was issued by Manchester City, concerns regarding the variant of Covid spreading throughout the Premier League were expressed by multiple clubs. It’s prompted an immediate increase in testing. Executives have iterated their confidence that protocols & social distancing will save footballers, which has been proven untrue with Covid Strain VUI-2020/21. It’ll be impossible for executives to account for the upcoming outbreak, with some speculating that a league-wide shutdown will be forced by Parliament.