Tyson Barrie Signed to Edmonton Oilers

The 2nd day of NHL Free Agency saw the Edmonton oilers elect Tyson Barrie for a one-year contract. Acquiring Tyson Barrie follows after delegations with multiple clubs, with Barrie selecting the Edmonton Oilers based on time over finances. This indicates that the ageing defencemen honour loyalty over monetary value. It’s been a goal for Barrie’s to enter the Oilers Camp since joining the NHL in 2009, with his first teams being the Colorado Avalanche’s & then the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Tyson Barrie was provided with a $6 million contract from a new team, with TSN Senior Hockey Reporters suggesting that the defencemen denied this agreement to avoid certain obligations. Defencemen Barrie has maintained a formidable career over 11 NHL Seasons, earning 346 Career Points over 554 games. His time spent with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s wasn’t as favourable with the Colorado Avalanches. Fourteen points of the 346 obtained by Tyson Barrie were acquired under Maple Leaf’s contention.

The acquisition of Tyson Barrie was quickly outweighed with Edmonton Oilers announcing that they’ve re-signed Mike Smith for $2 Million. Smith will sustain his goaltender position for another season, with clauses in his contract noting a possibility for renewal after the 2021 NHL Campaign. It’s an identical acquisition contract that Mike Smith received for 2020 & 2019.

Tyson Barrie’s NHL History

Colorado Avalanche traded Tyson Barrie after his final two seasons saw a 59- to 57- average. He was traded to the Toronto Maple Leaf’s under Mike Babcock’s leadership. The Leaf’s with Mike Babcock proved unfavourable, with game-after-game being lost regularly. Sheldon Keefe was brought to revitalize the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, and struggled to find the accurate placement of Tyson Barrie. It saw his record with the Maple Leaf’s being 39-Points in 70 games, his lowest average over eleven seasons.

The return of Tyson Barrie is evident with joining the Edmonton Oilers. Teaming with Mike Smith as a goaltender to defencemen will create a formidable stronghold, meaning most opposing teams won’t have the skillsets required to dominate over the Edmonton Oilers & score points. It’ll give Barrie ample opportunity to begin scoring at his former records. When questioned on his thoughts behind the Edmonton Oilers, Tyson Barrie emphasized his excitement in getting involved & noted it’s an incredible organization.