UK Health Secretary Approves Premier League Pay Cut

Politicians in the United Kingdom are demanding that professional athletes with the Premier League take a pay cut. These sentiments were listed by Matt Hancock, the United Kingdom Health Secretary. He mentioned that these players are required to do their part amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. People worldwide are sacrificing their financial wellbeings during this unprecedented period. Premier League Footballers shouldn’t be the exception because of their celebrity.

PL Players have deliberately expressed that they wouldn’t support the decision to cut their contracts, which they’re not being any clauses surrounding a global pandemic. However, the Professional Footballers Association confirmed that they’d force a financial burden onto their members. This marks the 1st time that the PFA have gone against their respective players. Matt Hancock was disgusted in these players remarks on refusal, mainly when Non-Playing Staff have already been laid off by Premier League Clubs.

Public Sentiment throughout the United Kingdom has supported the pay cuts of Premier League Players. Most haven’t considered that the overwhelming majority of employed footballers aren’t born in the United Kingdom. They don’t have loyalties towards Great Britain or Ireland, which is why they’ve been resistant to supporting decreased salaries. Players born from the UK Region have agreed to these Pay Cuts, with the Professional Football Association supporting this decision from Great Britain. It appears that Matt Hancock’s desire for pay cuts will be forced onto internationally employed PL Footballers.

The UK Versus Europe

The United Kingdom believes that donating unnecessary finances to healthcare professionals is the requirement of corporations and sporting associations. Most professional sporting authorities like the Formula International Association have supported the request to assist the National Health Service. Premier League Institutions have been limited to donate towards medical equipment, which is prompting a significant backlash against this league. That’s why the Professional Football Association is looking to enforce new standards amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be mentioned that multiple football leagues throughout the European Union have already implemented Pay Cuts. This includes La Liga Spain and the EFL. Players within Spain have experienced a pay decrease of 70%, with those valuations not returning to normal until regular season play is re-initiated.