Valentino Rossi & Yamaha Possibly Parting Ways

It’s been twenty-five years since supporters of MotoGP first met Valentino Rossi. He’s one of the few men praised with making the motorsport the popular venue it is today. Throughout this astonishing career, Rossi has always driven for the Yamaha Factory Racing Team. This will end following the 2021 season depending on the decision of this infamous champion. Valentino Rossi will decide to remain in MotoGP or retire from his lengthy career come the Mid-2020 Season. He’s been provided with the final call n his future with Yamaha, who have confirmed that they’d leave the motorcyclist racing league if Valentino Rossi departed. Depending on the speed and skillsets displayed by Rossi throughout the first several races, he’ll determine what’s best for his career. Loyal supporters would be shocked and saddened by the removal of Rossi, who stands as a nine-time champion.

The Yamaha Factory Racing Team provided Valentino Rossi insurances that if he’d return for the 2021 season, they’d give a newly reformed YZR-M1 Motorcycle and would receive support from the best engineers available at Yamaha. Most sporting analysts agree that 2020 should be Rossi’s final season in MotoGP, ending on his 25th. Valentino would hold the record for longest-racing MotoGP driver in history. Standing at 43 years of age, the time to retire will follow after 2021 is the remains for an additional season. Supporters will get a maximum of twenty-four months of Valentino Rossi.

Valentino Rossi Could’ve Once Joined F1

Supporters should be thrilled that this formidable driver has remained in MotoGP for a prolonged period. It was revealed last week that Valentino Rossi was provided with the opportunity to join Formula One. However, Rossi determined this option wasn’t best because Ferrari Scuderia Racing wouldn’t provide him with their primary vehicles. Subsequently, Rossi would’ve been forced to drive with Alfa Romeo and start his Formula One career in a horrendous position. Ferrari Scuderia’s offer to Valentino Rossi came after he’d taken the role of test driver between 2004 – 2010.

The most recent attempt to drive a Formula One vehicle followed in December 2019. Valentino Rossi took control over the Mercedes W07, which is operated by the infamous Lewis Hamilton. Considering his older age in motorsports, there are minimal chances that Valentino Rossi will ever join the Formula One grid. Regardless of what decision Rossi makes regarding his motorsport career, it’s known that when he retires from driving, he’ll create his own respective MotoGP organization.