Valorant Getting eSports Treatment

Esports has gained significant popularity throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, with sporting fanatics having no choice but to engage with virtual matches or races. This follows after mass gatherings worldwide have been terminated until the coronavirus vaccine is released to global civilians. Considering this won’t happen for upwards of three years, fans of sports like Formula One or Major League Soccer shouldn’t anticipate full seasons until 2022-23.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of different eSport competitions that’ll excite these individuals. Sporting fanatics in the United States of America with military experience are best suited for watch Valorant broadcasts. This follows after the realistic shooting simulator announced they’re creating an esports ecosystem, which revolves around the authenticity and integrity of players. It’ll ensure that broadcasted multiplayer matches will closely resemble military operations. Details on the Valorant Esports Series was released through the “Valorant Community Competition Guidelines”. Detailed information from the VCCG Protocols indicates that amateur competitors will compete through the standard version of Valorant. Professional competitors will be issued a hyper-realistic release of the game weeks before the eSports series goes live, enabling them the time to master new mechanics.

It should be mentioned that a Beta Variation of the Valorant Esports Series was released earlier in April. Epic Games, the developers behind this realistic shooter, have been viewing gameplay from the Beta. It’s enabling them to determine who’s best associated to represent Valorant with their home-team. More than 100+ eSports Teams will be permitted to compete with Valorant eSport Matches. It’s expected that the prize pool for these teams will exceed $10,000.00.

Companies Outlook & Other Options

PR Representatives with Epic Games provided context on the company’s outlook towards Valorant. This female rep mentioned that the popularity of Valorant exceeded the developer’s dreams, which has always dived towards multiplayer competitions through an eSports league. This individual clarified that they’d continue working with their partners to create the best possible rendition of this eSports Series. Those not interested in Valorant and want an arcade-themed shooter are best suited for Modern Warfare 2019, which already has its own respective eSports League. It’s also more widely accepted and accessible amongst gamers.