Verstappen Angered by George Russel’s Statements on Red Bull

Tensions in the Formula One Grid have grown over the Austrian & Styrian Grand Prix’s, forcing some backtalk amongst individual drivers at the July 17th – 19th Hungaroring Grand Prix. The 1st Driver to target an opposing team was George Russel, who emphasized that Alex Albon had been made to look foolish after Red Bull Racing couldn’t tune the RB16 for Hungary. It forced Albon into a qualifying placement of 13th, the worst seen for Alex since competing under the Toro Rosso (Alpha Tauri) brand.

Sentiments from George Russel weren’t seen as a friendly concern by Max Verstappen. The Dutchman instead took the Williams drivers statement as spiteful. It’d take less than two hours for Verstappen to disregard Russel & make the primary focus about himself, a shared aesthetic seen amongst the top racers in Formula One. It’s more likely that Verstappen is angered by the reality of Williams Racing outpacing Red Bull in Qualifying, with Russel placing 12th.

Wrong positioning for Alex Albon wasn’t avoidable, with the British/Filipino Driver remarking during earlier practice sessions at Hungaroring that his RB16 was struggling with balance. Those issues weren’t reprimanded before Qualifying, forcing Albon into the position of 13th. Both Alex & Max would be questioned on their poor placements in Qualifying, while also being asked for their thoughts behind Russel’s statements. Albon took pleasure is knowing an old friend came to his public defence, with Verstappen showing the opposite.

Lashing Out

Max Verstappen iterated that George Russel doesn’t understand the first thing about Red Bull Racing, that he should focus on his performance & car. The Dutchman remarked that Russel should speak for himself, not for Alex Albon. It should be clarified that both Russel & Verstappen had significant rivalries in their previous years of racing before moving into Formula One. Max is typically defensive against whatever sentiments are issued by his former or new rivals.

Max Verstappen is also displeased with the performance seen throughout the Austrian, Styrian, and Hungaroring Grand Prix’s. It was anticipated that the Dutchman would acquire victory with the three primary races for 2020s season. He’d barely inquire a podium finish, with Verstappen admitting that Honda & Red Bull are struggling this year.