Verstappen Comments on Drive to Survive

The man who isn’t afraid to express his opinions in Formula One has once again spoken up. Headlines on February 28th regarded how Max Verstappen wasn’t pleased with the 1st season of Drive to Survive from Netflix, which portrayed the young driver as overly aggressive. When speaking with reporters from ABTalks, the Dutch Driver expressed that they didn’t show viewers who the real Max Verstappen is and those directors will position them in any manner desired. Red Bull’s lead driver noted that this motorsport series makes most drivers appear reckless and create false storylines under the minimum evidence.

These comments from Max Verstappen follow after the second season of Drive to Survive was released on February 28th. It was released two weeks before the F1 season opener in Australia, which follows the format style seen with the 1st series. When asked if he’s witnessed the latest season, Max Verstappen suggested that his view on these newly filmed episodes will be dim.

The Dutch driver is aware of the work conditions for these directors, with Netflix demanding a certain level of drama. Each season must be more exciting than the last, which will often lead to fake positions to fool the audience. Often the filmed interviews are worded in a manner to create different circumstances, which Max Verstappen doesn’t believe should be adopted. It’s prompted him to have more concern regarding interviewing with Drive to Survive, which became evident throughout the second season.

Max is Cold

Max Verstappen believes that editors with the production staff have purposely made him look arrogant and dismissive as a driver, making Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel seem like the only notable racers. Genuine fans of the sport know that Verstappen has become the most beloved driver grid-wide, with his popularity being unmatched in recent decades.

When asked why it’s easier for Netflix’s Drive to Survive to create this false imagine, Verstappen mentioned that it’s because the Dutch are often misinterpreted. They usually don’t show a great deal of emotion and are focused on one task. This is evidently true with Max Verstappen, with him always focusing on the passion of driving and winning. Ending his statements with reporters, Max expressed that every driver is different and that these producers shouldn’t judge him in such a public manner.