Verstappen Scolded for Offensive Language

The Portuguese Grand Prix has seen notable action & memorable moments before the official race has even begun. One moment saw Max Verstappen from Red Bull Aston Martin Racing speak aggressively through the radio about Lance Stroll. This followed after Stroll & Verstappen collided into each other during the 3rd practice session. Verstappen responded with a slur of offensive language that broadcasters struggled to blank-out. This behaviour wasn’t approved by Team Boss Christian Horner, who confirmed that Max Verstappen had internal briefings regarding his actions & that they won’t be condoned going forward.

When Max Verstappen was younger, his aggression was minorly permitted because maturity hadn’t been achieved. Now that Verstappen is aged twenty-three, it’s expected that his behaviour improves & be more representative of what the Red Bull Racing banner means. Team boss Christian Horner would defend Max Verstappen with his actions, informing F1 Reporters that during the intensity of racing, the Dutch driver lost his emotions. Horner regarded that Max Verstappen hadn’t meant to cause any offence towards Lance or Lawrence Stroll.

Motorsport Advisor for Red Bull Racing, Helmut Marko, didn’t defend Max Verstappen. Helmut Marko is a defining figure of this motorsport organization & emphasis that the actions of Max Verstappen weren’t acceptable on any level. If Helmut Marko had his punishment awarded, there’d be a chance that F2 Driver Yuki Tsunoda would be put into the cockpit after Verstappen was benched. There has to be a moment when Max Verstappen understands this behaviour won’t be tolerated for much longer.

Stroll to Blame

It should be clarified that this racing incident was the fault of Lance Stroll, who recovered from COVID-19 days ago. He hadn’t seen Max Verstappen looking to overtake around the same area that Stroll himself had overtaken the Dutch driver. It forced the Left Tyre of Verstappen’s RB16 to collide with the Right Side of Stroll’s Racing Point. It was ultimately the fault of Lance Stroll that this racing incident had occurred, with FIA Stewards determining that no punishment should be awarded to the Stroll family. This determination angered Red Bull Racing but hasn’t diverted them from podium goals on October 25th at Algarve Circuit.