Vettel Problems for Ferrari and Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel hasn’t returned to Formula One for more than 72 Hours & is already causing problems with the FIA. These issues follow after documented footage from the April 4th Qualifying Round in Austria saw Vettel speaking with Red Bull’s leaders. The Ferrari driver wasn’t wearing his designated face mask & wasn’t two metres from either Helmut Marko or Christian Horner.

Millions of fans worldwide watched the April 4th Qualifying Round, prompting numerous supports to notice Vettel wasn’t properly obeying the severe social distancing measures enacted by FIA Organizers. After being shared throughout Instagram & Facebook, the Formula International Association sent a formal warning to Scuderia Ferrari on Vettel’s actions. An additional warning was issued to Helmut Marko & Christian Horner from Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing. Both parties broke their signer Code of Conducts, which states employed personnel from two different teams cannot engage with each other. It’s one of the strictest protocols being enforced by the FIA amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most dismissed the inconsiderate actions of Sebastian Vettel, with supporters of the four-time champion indicating that their German-born driver was merely pleased to see former friends. However, Sebastian Vettel could’ve unknowingly contracted COVID-19 & spread it to these two men by breaking social distancing measures. There is technically a 0% chance of this happening, with nobody having been reported to contract COVID-19 over Formula Ones 2020 Season Opening Weekend.

Christian Horner & Mattia Binotto were issues citations from the Formula International Association, informing them that COVID-19 Provisions must be observed. Fines aren’t being given to teams that disobey their signed Code of Conduct. However, the FIA isn’t permitting any drivers that aren’t willing to engage with basic safety protocols.

July 5th Resumes Racing.

Formula One begins their 2020 Season in Austria, the 1st European Opener for F1 in nearly five decades. Vettel won’t find himself in fighting contention for victory at this Grand Prix. That’s because Scuderia Ferrari has provided both Vettel & Leclerc with vehicles that underperform against the competition. Racing Point is performing better than Scuderia Ferrari at the Red Bull Circuit in Austria, Spielberg.