Vietnam Grand Prix Forced into Cancellation

The COVID-19 pandemic will historically show the best & worst of international sports. Ignorance & professionalism has been displayed, with athletic personalities like Novak Djokovic ignoring the drastic implications associated with the virus. The ATP #1 organized & hosted the “2020 Adria Tour”, which saw widespread infections of the coronavirus through contact tracing. Then there’s been moments where international sporting bodies have rescheduled seasonal operations based around safety. The Formula International Association was one of the 1st, announcing the postponement or closure of thirteen Grand Prix’s.

Supporters of Formula One were hoping that the newly constructed “Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi” would arrive in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced F1 Organizers to reconsider introducing this circuit during the 2020 campaign. When the 2020 F1 campaign was rescheduled, Vietnam was omitted & prompted concern that the Grand Prix had been cancelled. No official announcement was issued by Formula One or the Vietnam Grand Prix Association regarding a cancellation. That was until October 16th. It’s been revealed that the Vietnamese Grand Prix won’t be sustained for 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic cited as the core reason.

Discussions Terminated on October 15th

Surprisingly, F1 Organizers & the VGPA have mutually agreed to terminate the 2020 Vietnamese Grand Prix. Compared to other nations F1 has visited this year, Vietnam is supporting minimal cases of the coronavirus. Formula One held two races at Silverstone in Great Britain when 720 to 750 cases of coronavirus were being confirmed daily. Considering that Vietnam has supported a maximum of 1,110 infections since March 2020, reasonable excuses towards the cancellation of this Grand Prix cannot be given.

The Vietnam Grand Prix Association had hoped Formula One would permit another race in November 2020, with discussions still being held until October 15th. The cancellation was the exclusive option for the FIA & Formula One, citing that safety criteria require a thorough review before approval can be granted. Those wanting to witness some iteration of the Vietnam Grand Prix can see the 1st Round of F1 eSports on YouTube, which raced at the Hanoi Circuit & provided exciting virtual racing. However, it’s far from the real experience associated with Formula One Grand Prix’s.