What’s The Outcome When You Face Luka Modric?

It’s been an eventful year for Luka Modric in 2018. World Cup finalist, Champions League winner, and the player who finally managed to end the decade long stranglehold of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi on the Ballon d’Or.

Of course, it could have been far better for him too. With each individual award, Luka Modric also claimed the Golden Ball as the World Cup’s best player and was voted the number 1 central midfielder by ESPN. The sensational footballer stated that he would gladly swap all his titles for a winner’s medal at the World Cup, allowing Croatia to reach the final before being defeated by France. However, after a spectacular career as one of the most underrated footballers in the world, he now receives the award his talents certainly deserves, the list of the most Dominant players in football for 2018 thanks to ESPN.

Luka Modric As a Footballer

Modric’s ability to pick holes in the defense of opponents and set the tempo for each game come to the fore for both country and club in 2018. At Real Madrid, Modric’s performances were vital for the club to claim the Champions League trophy for three consecutive years. However, it was the World Cup where he managed to out stage both Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as Croatia managed to make it all the way to the Russian World Cup final.

While he looks back at his incredible achievements for 2018, we decided to chat to a few players, both present and past, who has witnessed Modric close up as opponents and teammates, to discover what makes him the best in the world.

Ryan Giggs – Midfielder for Manchester United 1990 – 2014

“When he first appeared in the Premier League, he seemed rather timid. You had the feeling that you could easily outclass him. However, you never did. When it came to decision-making, Modric was outstanding. You could easily beat him in a sprint, but in a confined space, he was lightning fast, both in movement and thought.”

Harry Winks – Midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur 2014 – Present

“He is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders for Tottenham. You truly learn a great deal when playing against someone like Modric. He has the ability to think two steps ahead every time and is capable of getting himself out of difficult situations at a rapid pace.”

Ledley King – Defender for Tottenham 1999 – 2012

“The first thing you look at when it comes to footballers is their legs, and Modric has massive calves. He can turn and twist and maintain possession over the ball extremely well. He is also the best when receiving the ball from his teammates.”

David Silva – Midfielder for Manchester City 2012 – Present

“Modric loves running things from a deep end and his qualities are unparalleled. I know him extremely well during his time at Tottenham and what an exceptional player he is with loads of unique qualities that make him a world-class footballer.”