Who Will Qualify for the 2018 Asia Cup Final?

Now that the group stages of the Asia Cup 2018 is in the rear view mirror, we can concentrate on the Super Four schedule which was recently announced. Pakistan and India managed to qualify for Super Fours in Group A, while Group B saw Afghanistan and Bangladesh qualify for the Super Fours. During the Super Four stage, each of the four teams will face each other once again where the two best teams will advance to the final of the Asia Cup 2018. Before we answer who will qualify for the final, let’s see how each of the four teams managed to qualify for the Super Fours.

Group A: Pakistan Looks For Redemption While India Dominates

In a group that consisted of Hong Kong, Pakistan, and India, it wasn’t difficult to determine who will make it to the Super Four stage. Although everyone focused on the India vs Pakistan clash, both these teams simply had to win their respective games against Hong Kong to ensure they qualify. Both India and Pakistan beat Hong Kong in style. Hong Kong suffered a major defeat at the hands of India by 26 runs, while Pakistan destroyed Hong Kong winning by 8 wickets. In the long-awaited game between India and Pakistan, India managed to win by 8 wickets against Pakistan.

Group B: Afghanistan and Bangladesh Qualify While Sri Lanka Crumbles

There’s no denying that Sri Lanka were considered the favourites in Group B to qualify for the Super Four stage. However, this was before the tournament started. Bangladesh surprised everyone by beating Sri Lanka by a phenomenal 137 runs. After suffering a horrible defeat that no one could have predicted, Sri Lanka had to produce a win against Afghanistan. However, Afghanistan didn’t hold back and produced one of the most electrifying performances in the Asia Cup 2018 by defeating Sri Lanka by an impressive 97 runs. This ensured that both Bangladesh and Afghanistan made it through to the Super Four stage.

Who Qualifies for the Asia Cup 2018 Final?

Four teams will now play one game against each other for two spots in the Asia Cup 2018 final during the Super Four stage. There will be two games that will occur simultaneously in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on 21, 23, and 25 September 2018 which will determine who qualifies for the final. Both Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been outstanding during this tournament as they both managed to beat Sri Lanka to advance to the Super Four stage, while Pakistan and India have been the obvious favourites to make it through to the Super Four stage. It’s going to be very interesting to see how each of these teams perform during the Super Four stage.

India’s performance during their match against Pakistan clearly made them favourites in betting sites to reach the finals, and Afghanistan and Bangladesh are both superb teams that can really cause an upset at this stage. However, Pakistan still has the upper hand as they are familiar with the conditions and the depth of the team make them favourites to join India in the Asia Cup 2018 final.