Yuki Tsunoda Wins the F2 Sakhir Grand Prix

Motorsports rose to popularity after World War Two, with multiple leagues being formed & represented worldwide. Formula One became the defining motorsport for Europe, inevitably obtaining a reputation for challenging drivers beyond their skillsets. That sentiment remains relevant today, dozens of competitors in various motorsports working towards placement in Formula One.

Contracts aren’t awarded to drivers regularly, being that F1 competitors are the highest performing racers worldwide. Reaching Formula One requires winning the F2 Championship or becoming one of the top five competitors in F2. Anyone else other than champion contenders & winners receives contract opportunity, with champs not always guaranteed placement. This was proven with 2019s champion of Nick DeVries, who was forced to enter Formula E.

The international pandemic prompted financial losses for Formula One teams, producing alterations in driver lineups & technical personnel. Multiple competitors from Formula Two enter Formula One for 2021, including Mick Schumacher & Nikita Mazepin. Rumours suggest that another driver could join the ranks, with that individual being Yuki Tsunoda for Scuderia Alpha Tauri.

Competing for Placement

Yuki Tsunoda was thought to sustain the prominent competition for placement at Alpha Tauri. Updated information issued on December 4th to 5th indicates that Tsunoda doesn’t maintain any competition. That’s because his primary rival for placement was Alex Albon of Red Bull Racing. Leadership with Red Bull suggest that Albon is being benched for 2021 is not contracted with themselves.

That leaves Sergio Perez of Racing Point, who’s declined to compete with lower-ranked teams like Alpha Tauri. All that stands from Yuki Tsunoda entering Formula One is Daniil Kvyat being contracted with Alpha Tauri, which is unlikely following two seasons of poor performances. Yuki Tsunoda is legally viable to join Formula One starting on December 5th. It follows after acquiring his 5th podium placement in F2 at the Sakhir Grand Prix. The reward for obtaining five podiums is receiving an “FIA Super Licence”.