Zak Brown Predicts Issues with Vettel in 2020

F1 Supporters aren’t the exclusive group wondering what will happen when the 2020 season starts in Austria. This follows after Scuderia Ferrari announced that Sebastian Vettel wouldn’t obtain contract renewal for 2021, with the team instead selecting Carlos Sainz as their secondary driver. This decision was forced onto Ferrari after they implemented a similar strategy to Mercedes, allowing both drivers to compete for identical grid placements.

This creates incredible rivalries & tension within the team garage, which became evident with Scuderia Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel couldn’t handle the astonishing growth behind Charles Leclerc in his 1st season with Ferrari, prompting the Four-Time World Champion of Formula One to become jealous.

This became evident during various Grand Prix’s, with the most noticeable being at Interlagos in Brazil. Vettel actively defended towards the left & inevitably hit Charles Leclerc, forcing an immediate puncture on his tyres. Seconds later, and Sebastian Vettel would also obtain a puncture. Both Ferrari Drivers would enter DNF Status at Interlagos, and F1 Insiders claim that this was the moment where Mattia Binotto determined that Sebastian Vettel wouldn’t return after his contract ended.

Immediate discussions secretly began with Daniel Riccardo and Carlos Sainz. Mattia Binotto selected Sainz over Riccardo after the Australian Honey Badger demanded to sit as the number one driver. Charles Leclerc obtained this position after the 2019 Summer Break & won’t lose it until 2025 or later.

The Speculation

The Team Boss of McLaren F1, Zak Brown, is now predicting that similar scenarios to the 2019 Season with Sebastian Vettel will unfold. Zak Brown firmly expects that the German will purposely attack Charles Leclerc while racing, forcing the young athlete to DNF multiple times. Considering the limitations on approved races for the 2020 season, Ferrari couldn’t terminate Vettel and locate a backup driver.

This leaves Scuderia Ferrari in a challenging position that will ultimately be left for Charles Leclerc to manage on the track. There could be physical altercations depending on the actions of Vettel, which have been known to be violent. It’ll be interesting to see how the Scuderia Ferrari internal relationships unfold on-track when the Formula One 2020 Season begins next month.